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I offer face to face consultations in Winslow, close to Buckingham, Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. Online work may be possible.


As an integrative therapist, I combine the Person-Centred Approach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and aspects of Psychodynamic Theory, encompassing Creative Therapy where appropriate.  When working with phobias or traumatic events, I also employ the Rewind technique.  This means I can tailor therapy to your needs.

We begin with a free informal chat to see how we might work together.  If you decide to go ahead, I offer weekly 50 minute sessions.  At the beginning of therapy, generally, I will be evaluating your needs and gaining information about your reasons for seeking therapy. Together we will explore your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Based on this, we can discuss a general plan for the therapy and may set goals together.  Some difficulties are eased with just a few sessions but others may take significantly longer.  If we are still meeting after 12 sessions, we can review it at that point and then can continue on as long as we both agree the therapy is purposeful and effective.  

Fees: £55 payable 24hrs in advance via bank transfer or in cash at the session.

Rewind Technique package for trauma & phobias: 

Usually, after an initial chat, this takes place over 3 sessions, each varying in length.  The technique is carried out in a single session, with one preparatory session beforehand and a review session a few weeks after.  Click here to find out more about the Rewind Technique.  For long-term trauma or abuse, more preparatory sessions are usually beneficial.

Package fees (inc. initial chat & 3 sessions): £200 payable 24hrs in advance via bank transfer or cash at the first session.

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